How to retrieve Twitter username with UUID


I am trying to analyze FakeNewsNet which is a fake news dataset for Social Network Analysis.

There are UUID(I am not sure about the entity name)s of users in the dataset but I am not sure how to retrieve metadata from it.

Can someone explain to me where I can find the information on how to use user_id of User.txt?

Is it even possible to retrieve the metadata of a user with this id? (may using Twitter Search API)


Jiho Choi

Posted 2018-12-26T03:00:59.900

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It is not possible with the current version of the dataset, the User.txt ids are hashed. But, the pre-processed features are in UserFeature.mat which you can load with something like

mat ='UserFeature.mat')

mat['X'][0] will then be the feature vector for the first user id in the text file.

There are no descriptions of the feature names either (or at least I didn't find any)

Igor Brigadir

Posted 2018-12-26T03:00:59.900

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