Good lectures (books, articles, blogs) about the art of modeling a CNN network


I have been using Deep Learning with Tensorflow for a pet project only for educational purpose, and have been able to obtain quite good results with a CNN of my own.

However, the process I used to get there is not satisfying, because it looks like trial/error based on basic metrics: performance on training set and evaluation sets. I do not know if this is efficient, or if some layers are useless or over/under sized. Same for the kernel sizes.

Do you have any book or article or blog to recommend on the subject, for learning to be a better practitioner ? I have read "The Bengio" ("Deep Learning") and another book in French about practicing Tensorflow ("Comprendre le Deep Learning: Une introduction aux réseaux de neurones"), but none gave a practical method. This looks like craftmanship only.

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welcome to SO; SO is not a recommendation site. If you're looking for resources, there are dozens out there, and everyone will have a different opinion of what is the best route – Mohammad Athar – 2018-09-05T19:33:43.810


Please take a look at this link

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Search for CS 231N – Aditya – 2018-09-06T00:53:19.647

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