Clustering events in a sequence.


I've a sequence of recurring events I want to group together into representing different operation activities of the underlying process.

1) These events might potentially have an order in their occurrence; or may be not. I want to explore and investigate if any relationship existing between the events as such. Any other better than Hierarchical clustering?

2) I might want to build a model that can determine the operational activity based on the events it recognized as belonging to the clusters representing them operational activities. May be HMM, RNN etc.

I've been researching for an algorithm that lends itself to the problem I'm trying to solve. I came across a few that might be adapted to be able to solve the problem like HMM, RNN, clustering algorithms.

I'm looking for not a solution as such but advice and guidance in the right direction towards solving the problem.

I appreciate any insight you may have to share with me.


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