Interactive dashboard for time series data


I'm searching for some tools that allow me to build a dashboard in order to visualize information about time series. This dashboard needs to be interactive and allows to be integrated into a web site (like a web application).

I made some projects with D3.js, but for this one I would prefer something faster in term of implementation (python+matplotlib like).

What kind of options do I have?


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D3 (data Driven Documents) is a great and powerful tool, but does require a certain afinity for JavaScript. There are a few tools that piggy-back off it though and are more friendly to the aspiring data scientist and plotly is behind a few others. All are easier to use compared to D3 in my opinion.

Check out a few of the following:

  • Bokeh (python)
  • Dash (python - based on plotly, looks very promising!)
  • Plotly (many languages)
  • Shiny (R)

Here is a comparison of Bokeh and Dash.

Here is a related question on StackOverflow.


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