Extract details from bibliometrics data


I have set of bibliometrics data (references). I want to extract the author names, title and the name of the conference/journal from it. Since the referencing style used by different papers vary, I am interested in knowing if there are any per-existing tools to do it?

I am happy to provide examples if needed :)

J Cena

Posted 2018-04-04T07:27:36.287

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Question is an year old as of today so I'm sure you might've found an answer. If not, my first question would be if you've tried Scopus? – Random Nerd – 2019-08-30T12:35:39.583



To learn from traditional software in that domain you could start at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_reference_management_software


Posted 2018-04-04T07:27:36.287

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Hmmm, I think what I am expecting is different. I want to know an API/tool that extracts information from the citation. – J Cena – 2018-04-04T23:59:00.710

well, the above reference gives you a broad overview of the existing standards that these citations could follow. – Frankstr – 2018-04-05T06:14:22.407