In what data science applications has the stack exchange dump been used?



Anonymized dumps of the stack exchange data are available here. Do you know projects or article that have been using these data (for social network analysis or information retrieval) ? My little research on the subject on Google Scholar & co seems to indicate that this dataset has been very seldom used.


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I think it is borderline whether this can be answered well. Individuals answering it would have to do an unreasonable amount of research IMO. However, unlike a a shopping question or "what's the best Foo for Bar", I think it is possible for there to be a long-lasting and useful answer. Hence I have started a Community Wiki answer. – Neil Slater – 2017-09-12T09:20:46.120

SO's data blog contains some good projects by the in-house data science folks. Not sure if it is the from the dump or not :D – Dawny33 – 2017-09-12T10:21:29.943

@debzsud have you seen anything yourself? I searched a lot but just saw the link of the answer that has been provided. I guess projects using that will be so much great. – Media – 2018-01-10T19:29:15.757



This is a Community Wiki answer, everyone is welcome to add references.

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