Orange3 does not show Geo Map tool on OS X


I am using Orange 3.3.11 and I cannot find "Geo Map" widget on OS X.

But the documentation says there is such a widget. How can I find this widget?


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Might appear in the upcoming release. The file is present in the source code repository. You might try installing the development version.

– K3---rnc – 2017-02-14T21:16:09.500



Take a look if you have the widget "Map" in your Visualization group. It might be the same widget, just with the different name.

It looks "Geo Map" widget appears for Orange 3.4.2 for Linux, in Visualize group:

enter image description here

However, from this commit in Orange source code, it looks the previous name for this widget was just "Map".


Posted 2017-02-14T09:15:09.943

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