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Mode Analytics has a nice heatmap feature (https://community.modeanalytics.com/gallery/geographic-heat-map/). But it's not conducive to comparing maps (only one per report). enter image description here

What they do allow is data to be pulled easily into a wrapped python notebook. And then any image in python can easily be added to a report.

So my question is: how do I recreate a heatmap on an actual map in Python? I've checked out follium and plotly, but neither seem to have similar functionality.


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Folium has a plugin for heat maps. Here is an example.

– Emre – 2016-10-27T05:41:17.300

Thanks @Emre that's exactly what I needed. Sadly Mode doesn't support folium yet, but I'll bug their customer service and see if they'll load it. – ScottieB – 2016-10-27T16:32:02.457

Another good library for this is gmplot which also let's you export the map as a standalone html file. Here is a tutorial on using it.

– Jonathan Porter – 2018-04-27T18:25:39.873



Looks like https://github.com/pbugnion/gmaps is what you're looking for. You can do things like this with it:


Mikhail Yurasov

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