From developper to data scientist



I code a lot for web, games and some basic ML scripts. Now I would like to learn about data science.

This post is a good starting point but I would like some readings. I would like advices on books for a beginner (maths, tools, whatever).

I've found these ones from O'Reilly :

  • Machine Learning for Hackers, By Drew Conway, John Myles White
  • Agile Data Science, By Russell Jurney
  • R Cookbook, By Paul Teetor

(Sorry, my reputation is too low to let me post more than 1 link haha)

Do you recommand these readings ? Are there other must-reading books ?


Clément Flodrops

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I suggest this guide for a good introduction to the resources available to you to learn to do data science. You are starting at a good time, there are loads of excellent (and mostly free) resources to teach you this interesting field.


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