is it scam again?


I am learning everyday and still have a lot of things that are not clear to me. Recently ,I have encounter this problem and I hope you can give me an advice if it is eligible to do so. I had been scammed and looked for a fund recovery firm to help me. They did and send the recovered funds to my a cryptoxchange account, but they blocked my account and said I should deposit 20% of the funds first if I want to move the funds out. Is that legitimate and what if they lock even the new deposit I make? I have already been burnt once and I am unwilling to lose money again.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice

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2Yes, it sounds like your recovery helper is scamming you. If they had recovered the money, they could just take 20% of it and return 80% to you. They have not actually recovered the money, but are just trying to make you think that so that they can try to get more money from you. – Murch – 2020-10-24T12:29:45.690

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