How many bitcoin transactions can be verified per second on commodity hardware in 2020?



I am trying to figure out how many Bitcoin transactions could be verified per second. Am I correct that signature verification is more expensive than computing Merkletrees and hashes and therefore constitutes the bottleneck of the verification process?

Having read this paper it seems to me that tens of thousands of signatures per second could be verified. Have I misunderstood the results?

As I am only interested in signature verification, let parameters like internet bandwidth and storage requirements to handle the stream of incoming data be outside of the scope of this question.

Rene Pickhardt

Posted 2020-04-18T09:34:34.203

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I suspect the answer would depend on whether you are using an Attiny85 or Summit at Oak Ridge. – RedGrittyBrick – 2020-04-18T10:58:17.697

changed the title of the question to include commodity hardware in the year 2020 – Rene Pickhardt – 2020-04-18T11:07:41.950

3You can't measure verification speed with tx/sec because it would depend on the transaction a lot. One tx could be verified in nanoseconds while another could take a couple of minutes to verify. – Coding Enthusiast – 2020-04-19T16:19:46.060

I could edit the question once more and just make assumption of P2PKH. I understand that any answer would be an estimate anyway – Rene Pickhardt – 2020-04-26T09:00:47.257

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