Is there an online wallet service that will allow me to access an rpc server?


Let's say I have an online eCommerce solution running with a plugin that is designed to connect to a bitcoin daemon running on the same server, but I am too cheap to hire a vps or dedicated server, so instead I want to use an e-wallet service. Is there one operating that will give me a server address, username and password?

Richard Jennings

Posted 2011-09-13T03:32:42.540

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Stephen Gornick

Posted 2011-09-13T03:32:42.540

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Hmmm... That would work! But a fiver/month seems so unnecessary... – Richard Jennings – 2011-09-13T04:08:50.733

I just went nuts and hired a vps. Now I can ditch the crappy web-host and stick Apache and the daemon on it. Thanks for your answer! – Richard Jennings – 2011-09-13T04:49:22.650