How can I run a light (SPV) node on Linux?


I tried to sync the blockchain and, though I have ample free disk space (>500 GB on my computer, the chain is ~265) I've been having a hard time. So, how can I use an SPV node to send transactions and/or view the blockchain?

NOTE: don't do this if you don't have to because the blockchain needs nodes to ensure adequate distribution.

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Try Electrum. Exact details on how to install depend on Linux distribution used.

Also Wasabi Wallet could be good choice, easy to setup.

Kristaps Kaupe

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Since your constraint is the blockchain size, it seems you would be fine with running bitcoind with --prune enabled to something like 2gb or similar. This is technically not an SPV solution, but you would have access to the bitcoin-qt gui ( if that's the version of bitcoind you have installed ) and you'd be able to run with your minimal constraints.


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