Bitcoin successfully deducted on sender wallet but did not reach receiver wallet


Here is the wallet address for receiver: 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS. I had used the Blockchair site to see and track status. Based on the details, account had seen receiving last 21 hours. Also on the picture, there is no check icon on this transaction. I'm referring to 0.026 BTC. Thanks for those who will answer and help track this transaction.enter image description here

Marc pangan

Posted 2019-08-11T08:01:14.977

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14Based on the conversation posted, this sounds like a scam. Beware anyone promising guaranteed profits after you send them Bitcoin (for ‘mining’, or whatever), it is a common scam, you will not have any ‘profits’ returned to you. – chytrik – 2019-08-11T22:28:16.733

What should I do in order to return my investment? Or to let other people informed so it will not happen to anyone. – Marc pangan – 2019-08-12T04:00:33.087

4You can ask for your money to be returned, and hope they will comply. If not, you could contact your local law enforcement, but realistically there is likely little they can do. Once a Bitcoin transaction is confirmed, there is no way to reverse it, the person you sent those Bitcoins to now has full control of them. – chytrik – 2019-08-12T04:54:43.163

4@Marcpangan What you can do? Inform yourself before jumping on obscure "invenstments". – glglgl – 2019-08-12T09:20:14.760


The person you're communicating with is a scammer. Their profile pic appears to have been stolen from You're not getting your money back.

– R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE – 2019-08-12T19:47:51.657

Thank you so much. I will furhter investigate this and report as soon as I confirmed that he is a scammer. – Marc pangan – 2019-08-13T00:46:45.190



It's not completely clear what the situation is, but from what I gather it seems that you're the sender and the recipient is not acknowledging a payment you have sent.

I assume that you have verified that the credited address 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS matches the one that you were supposed to pay to, and that the amount matches the invoiced amount.

The address 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS has received 0.02661900 BTC in transaction b36157a7ca9630a88d98125fca91de81f488ef7d9a60f9e57af055d4d91f7a50. This transaction has been written to the blockchain more than a day ago and is confirmed. Given that this is the correct address, the receiver did get paid, whatever they may be claiming. Secondly, the money already got spent again which means that they must be fully aware the money arrived.

Assuming that you have paid the right address, the issue is on the receiver's end: Either they gave you the wrong address which you paid correctly and someone else received the money (unlikely), they do not understand that they already got paid or incorrectly accounted for your payment (unlikely, since you already tried following up with them), or they're lying to you.

You should follow up with them and firmly assert that the requested address in question has been paid (after you have verified that it was the correct address) and ask them to check that their systems are working correctly. Perhaps that will prompt them to "suddenly find your payment".

Do not under any circumstances send them any more money, if they don't acknowledge that your payment has succeeded and deliver their side of your agreement. Often scammers will make up nonsense excuses to get you to pay even more money. If they do not acknowledge your payment, you may need to decide to write-off that money or sue them.


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Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback and explanation. – Marc pangan – 2019-08-11T21:35:59.720

1Sorry to hear about your predicament, I hope it gets figured out. If either of us answered all of your question, please mark the answer as accepted. Good luck! – Murch – 2019-08-11T21:39:36.273

I would like to further investigate if transaction was successfully reached 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS – Marc pangan – 2019-08-12T04:02:05.710

Is there a website or system to verify that he really received it? – Marc pangan – 2019-08-12T04:02:40.423

It's public knowledge that the address has received the funds, don't let yourself be told otherwise. The blockexplorer page you linked in your question should be sufficient evidence for any reasonable person to be able to verify it. – Murch – 2019-08-12T04:07:36.233

Thanks, I will talk to him again. If he still say that he dont receive it yet. What should I do? He said maybe cause of network issue. – Marc pangan – 2019-08-12T04:27:21.730

16@Marcpangan As Murch wrote, the transaction has confirmed, meaning the address has received the funds. This transaction confirmation is not dependant on the receiver's wallet/computer in any way, it is public knowledge that is known by the entirety of the network's nodes. I'm sorry to say that "Network issues" is exactly the sort of line I would expect a scammer to use. Sorry for your losses, do not send any more coins to this individual. – chytrik – 2019-08-12T04:58:14.137

2"Ahh yes, I see the transaction now but due to network issues it has been rolled back and the funds are being returned to your account. Please resend the same amount so that we can expedite this process as your original payment will appear in 2-3 business days but sometimes can take as long as one week. Create a new payment now and we will avoid costly delay!" – Rob P. – 2019-08-12T15:12:32.013

@Rob you've been scammed. The money you sent is gone and you won't get it back. Don't send any more. – puhlen – 2019-08-12T19:47:34.257

While I agree that this is almost certainly a scam, it is definitely possible for an output to be spent without the owner of the address being aware of its existence. – Paul – 2019-08-12T19:48:18.023

2Rob P. isn't OP - just making fun – trr – 2019-08-13T04:46:12.197


The receiving address has received and already spent the coins, which results in a 0 balance.

The receiver should still be able to see the transaction in their wallet history, if they are using a consumer wallet. They may or may not see it with an exchange wallet or some other kind of payment processor.

Raghav Sood

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How can I verify that the receiver already goy it? Here is the screenshot of his message that he still not yet received it. Thanks – Marc pangan – 2019-08-11T20:12:28.407

1The blockchain is public. The link to the block explorer verifies it. – David Schwartz – 2019-08-13T06:19:34.250