Fraudulent transaction


I have been in contact with a blockchain group and they are supposed to have a large amount of money sitting in my wallet waiting for withdrawal. I have had to send a large amount of money to try to get and each time am met with some excuse of why they cannot complete it. What can I do? Is there a way to even get my initial money back?

Janet Reesor

Posted 2019-07-30T22:31:36.177

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4Probably no... Sadly this sounds like you fell for a scam. Don't send any more money. – 0xb10c – 2019-07-30T22:48:08.617



They don't have any money sitting in your wallet waiting for your withdrawal. They're just scamming you. Stop sending them money immediately.

David Schwartz

Posted 2019-07-30T22:31:36.177

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