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Recently a scammer contacted me to invest in Bitcoin. Well after losing my money with him, this person offered to return my money, and asked me to create a blockchain account. I did, then he asked me to share my id wallet and my password, because I did not know it. After a while he told me that my money was back, but it was not usable, if I wanted to have it. I thought it was strange, so I started to investigate, realizing it was a scam. I did not fall for his scam, but he still does not want to return my money.

My question is if I can get my money from the addresses that I leave, which by the way move a lot of money, it is possible to get the private key, hack those addresses, if they need the information I have the account still active.

The scams page is:

My non-spendable balance:

Non-spendable balance


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I'm afraid you were scammed.

The balance shown by your wallet software is not your money - it is that of someone else the scammed convinced you to "watch". Without access to the private key, there is nothing you can do. It isn't even necessarily the scammer's money either.

Pieter Wuille

Posted 2018-11-06T20:41:13.033

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