Change derive path


I've used bitcoinj wallet and used derive path as below.

public static final ImmutableList<ChildNumber> ACCOUNT_ZERO_PATH = ImmutableList.of(ChildNumber.ZERO_HARDENED);

But I made changes in above path for generating bip44 standard addresses.

public static final ImmutableList<ChildNumber> BIP44_ACCOUNT_ZERO_PATH =ImmutableList.of(new ChildNumber(44, true), new ChildNumber(1, true), new ChildNumber(0, true));

Now As I load wallet in application then it loads from backup and app crashes because it took old derive path and I already changed it.

So it won't find old derive path and app crashes.

How can I change derive path?

Please help.



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1It would be helpful to provide some code. – JBaczuk – 2018-09-18T13:39:38.957



The bip44 derivation uses a mnemonic phrase and is standard if you are restoring it should not have problems. Are you mixing bip39 with bip44?

Jose Luis Estevez

Posted 2018-09-18T11:45:16.403

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