Bitcoin explorers don't show my addresses transactions


I'm creating bitcoin addresses for a wallet we're building. To make sure the addresses are valid I went to a couple of bitcoin explorers and they reported, correctly, that the address does not have any transactions yet.

Great. But now I put in a couple of addresses from my existing wallets (Bread and Jaxx) which both have several transactions over the past year or so. Once again the explorers reported -- this time incorrectly -- that the addresses have no transactions.

The explorers I tried, with an example address that has transactions associated with it:

Why can't I see the transactions for this address?


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Check that this is the actual address that you used to receive the Bitcoin in the past.

The default behavior for wallets is to generate a new address each time you want to receive funds. This means that if you simply opened your wallet, hit generate, and tried to scan that address, it will show 0 transactions. And, this is correct, because even though the wallet has received Bitcoin, that specific address hasn't.


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If anyone is seeing this question, the answer is correct. Read about bip39 and bip44 to learn about this issue. – Eddy – 2018-09-04T11:50:16.370