Issue with the BitcoinJ for Litecoin. Which dependency can be used for Litecoin?



I've created a crypto-currency wallet for Bitcoin using BitcoinJ. Now I want to add Litecoin in this wallet. How to implement BitcoinJ dependency for Litecoin? While using BitcoinJ for both Litecoin and Bitcoin, I was getting blockchain of Bitcoin for both the addresses. What should I do so that I can get Bicoin blockchain for Bitcoin address and Litecoin blockchain for Litecoin address?

here is dependency which is I used>>>

  implementation 'org.bitcoinj:bitcoinj-core:0.14.7'

here is my code for bitcoin blockchain download initialisation>>>

  public void initWallet() {
    ECKey key;
    String btcpri = 
    if (btcpri.length() == 51 || btcpri.length() == 52) {
        DumpedPrivateKey dumpedPrivateKey = 
        DumpedPrivateKey.fromBase58(params, btcpri);
        key = dumpedPrivateKey.getKey();
    } else {
        BigInteger privKey = Base58.decodeToBigInteger(btcpri);
        key = ECKey.fromPrivate(privKey);
    Log.e("key ", String.valueOf(key));

    kit = new WalletAppKit(params, file, "btc_justbitcoin") {
        protected void onSetupCompleted() {
            Log.e("Address ", 


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Can you show the definition of params variable? You will need to make a Litecoin version of the params so it has all of the Litecoin parameters. Then create another WalletAppKit using those new params. – JBaczuk – 2018-08-25T14:39:17.310

here is my variable params is NetworkParameters params = TestNet3Params.get(); – Sid009 – 2018-08-26T13:14:51.870

@JBaczuk how to use this in android studio [] – Sid009 – 2018-08-27T05:43:39.240

I was trying to use this dependancy but it didn't implement in my project implementation 'org.bitcoinj:bitcoinj-core:0.13-alice-SNAPSHOT' – Sid009 – 2018-08-27T05:45:40.730

Hmm, not sure. Stack overflow is usually better for programming questions – JBaczuk – 2018-08-27T11:55:55.037



use an alternative library to me I like this gives you more flexibility and uses bitcoinj

Jose Luis Estevez

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I was trying to do this. please check my 2 days ago comment. – Sid009 – 2018-08-30T06:24:56.073

Using libdohj, I made a fork of, The problem is that this library takes a long time to synchronize for mobiles and recovering a wallet takes a long time.

Another alternative would be to use for mobiles is lighter. The problem is that you have to mount an electrum server for litecoin

– Jose Luis Estevez – 2018-09-04T20:44:54.777