Electrum iOS alternative that can create multisig wallet with other Electrum wallets?


I want to create a multisig Electrum wallet with two signers: my desktop and my mobile. Since Electrum is not on iOS and I really want to keep using it on my desktop, is there an alternative available for iOS that is able to create multisig wallets together with Electrum?


Posted 2018-07-18T13:29:18.887

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Copay has multi sig options. First, it will generate you a regular wallet. After initial process is done, you can create new shared (multi sig) wallet or join the existing one.


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Copay + electrum multisig wallet is not possible. I’d like to use electrum on the Desktop (or another advanced wallet that works with hardware wallets). – user1073075 – 2018-07-19T10:40:51.357

have you tried backwards? electrum might accept some 3rd party seeds – charlie137 – 2018-07-19T15:46:49.033

@user1073075 it is better if you don't try to mix and match wallet software. Use copay on both machines. – Abdussamad – 2018-07-20T10:18:54.650

I’d be open to switching from Electrum to another wallet that supports hardware devices (like trezor or ledger) but copay doesn’t (anymore). – user1073075 – 2018-07-20T20:02:20.783

@user1073075 then use electrum on an android phone or laptop in addition to your pc. maybe buy a used desktop for like $40. – Abdussamad – 2018-07-21T11:39:56.743

Unfortunately that seems like the only option for me. Too bad they don’t have an iOS wallet... – user1073075 – 2018-07-21T12:00:47.410