Is it possible to reverse a confirmed transaction?


I have been scammed by a so-called "trading account manager", he kept stalling until he told me my account had a problem and needed to be "rectified". Then, he told me I had to pay $300 for that, so I'm seek help to regain my funds.

Thabo Shale

Posted 2018-06-29T07:47:01.830

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A confirmed transaction cannot be undone. – Raghav Sood – 2018-06-29T08:24:54.427

2Your funds are gone forever, report it to your local police and move on. – RedGrittyBrick – 2018-06-29T09:35:52.783



No, a confirmed transaction can not be reversed.


Posted 2018-06-29T07:47:01.830

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