Bitcoin Mining as a Newbie (link wallet to another person's miner)


I'm new in bitcoin mining. I would wish to mining to make some profit. I have just talked to someone and he has told me I can partner with him to use his miner. I have some bitcoins ready with me and before I get started I want to know how I will configure wallet to his miner. What should I share with him and lastly how will I know that it is configured? I'm trying to avoid being conned


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2What you have described is almost certainly a scam, the likes of which has been reported here many times before. Wallets DO NOT need to be 'configured for mining'; that is not how mining works at all. DO NOT share wallet id, login, private keys, mnemonic seed, etc with him. You will lose your bitcoins. – chytrik – 2018-05-07T19:40:05.010



What should I share with him

Nothing, because

I'm trying to avoid being conned

See for example


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