How to report as a SCAM


I originally suspected this website was to good to be true but now it has been officially confirmed. How can I begin the campaign to warn others that this site is a scam and work to get is shut down?


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If it has been officially confirmed as a scam, then there is nothing you need to do? – MeshCollider – 2018-03-28T20:33:36.490



If there is a source online saying it is a scam, and with PROOF, then, there is not much you can do then try and get others over to the article/video for them to see it is a scam.

If the scam has a forum on it, make as many posts as possible detailing it as a scam, and putting links to a article that has proof of it being a scam. This will hopefully bring many users to their senses, and save them from using hard earned money

Hope this helped!


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