Generate cryptocurrency addresses on server


I want to generate cryptocurrency addresses (e.g. for top 10 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap) on my server and be able to send transactions when deposit arrives. Can I do that with CLIs or there is another/better way to do that? Or maybe there is a service that is suitable for cryptocurrency address generation?


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yes you will need a bitcoin core installed and fully synced and after you have that, you can use this php library to help you (i used this before i recommended to you):


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Thank you for the reply. Is there any library that supports BTC, BTH, ETH and other coins from Top 10? – marc – 2018-03-10T18:08:43.013

Yes this can also do it as long as the coin has json-rpc. but cons is that you will need all core synced which takes up alot of disk space – zhiyan114 – 2018-03-10T18:27:37.980