How to start Bitcoin-qt with Bitcoin Cash?


First of all I do not trust online wallets so I download full blockchain with Bitcoin-ABC. Unfortunaly bitcoin-abc does not contain bitcoin-qt binary. So my question is it possible to start original Bitcoin-QT with bitcoin-abc?

if this is not possible, what is the other way to use my wallet under bitcoin-abc?



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Bitcoin ABC 0.16.1 binaries for linux have a QT GUI: - I have not checked the other platforms, but I assume they do too.

They kept the same binary names (bitcoin-qt, bitcoind, etc) when they forked Bitcoin Core, which is a bit confusing because it is a seperate network with its own consensus rules.

The standard bitcoin-qt (Bitcoin Core) only works for bitcoin, not bcash.

Jonathan Cross

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I downloaded this package and did not find bitcoin-qt inside bin folder. Can you submit this?

– alexey2baranov – 2017-12-21T05:46:07.277

I downloaded another dist and found bitcoin-qt there – alexey2baranov – 2017-12-22T12:12:06.703