As a solo miner how can I prioritize my own unconfirmed transactions?


Is it possible to prioritize my own unconfirmed transaction through my mining machines without being in a pool? And if its possible how can I do that?


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How much hashrate do you have access to? – Pieter Wuille – 2017-11-28T01:43:59.463

"without being in a pool", do you mean you are solo mining? – MeshCollider – 2017-11-28T02:13:36.253

@PieterWuille Correction to my comment I sure mean solo mining. I have access to 160GH/s – Denja – 2017-12-02T18:28:09.853

Interesting question, but 160ghs on the Bitcoin network right now is a drop in the ocean. Might be good for a new alt coin, but not for long if it becomes popular. – frеdsbend – 2017-12-02T19:29:03.707



If you are the pool itself, or are solo mining you can use the prioritisetransaction command to add weight to your own transaction, if you are a client of a pool you do not have any control over what you are mining.


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If I understand Prioritisetransaction is a client side thing that is configured on bitcoin core software mining node, and it's only possible if i'm a pool myself (solo miner) with how much hashrate would that be possible? – Denja – 2017-12-02T18:28:50.493


With 150GH/s, at the time of writing, you would find one block every 1500 years.

That means if you were solo mining, you'd be able to control the contents of a block once every 1500 years.

Or in other words: not at all.

Pieter Wuille

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He could get lucky and front load the first two or three blocks. Lol – frеdsbend – 2017-12-02T19:24:13.463