Where did my money go after I sold bitcoins to BitZIZ into PayPal?


I am new to this and hate it. I had $2340 in US dollars to sell in bitcoins. I needed the cash desperately for rent and car payment and food, so went through BitZIZ to deposit the money into my PayPal account. I received an email that said the transaction was complete and the funds were in PayPal. No they weren't. They are gone. I have nothing in PayPal, so I guess I'm down and out. When I contacted BitZIZ many times, no answer. When I contacted PayPal they said nothing was sent to them so my balance is zero. I am heartbroken...NEVER AGAIN. This money meant the world to me


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Unfortunately, this is coming a bit too late to do you any good,but: Don't ever send bitcoin to anyone you don't completely trust. – David Schwartz – 2017-11-26T10:18:36.643



Looks like there are multiple cases of other customers reporting the site as a scam, so it's likely you'll never get a response from them, unfortunately.

Because most cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and often somewhat anonymous, it is important to first check the reputation of any entity you're dealing with.

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You'll need to contact BitZIZ to get your money.


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I tried a dozen times and will not respond, thanks anyway – kfff – 2017-11-24T01:03:21.397