Bitcoin Step by Step [Kindle Edition] by Michael Caughey - worth buying?


Courtesy of fame.

Sure, the Internet is full of free info but some time it might worth to pay for information, doesn't it? The funny thing is that he only sells it as a DRMed Kindle book, not a DRM-free EPUB at least. Though, I developed some practices so far (not sure if good, but I feel comfortable with them) and I have no idea if the author's worldview is compatible with mine.

One thing for sure: I see so many examples around people complicate bitcoin more necessarily than what it is, got hacked, etc.

Link to the book.


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A paper book might be worth reading in a few years time: currently the situation is evolving so quickly, it will almost certainly contain too many obsolete informations. – o0'. – 2013-01-12T17:03:01.673

It is a Kindle only book. – superuser – 2013-01-12T21:14:36.117

Still a traditional book it is, I strongly doubt it will get constantly updated as a good wiki page would... – o0'. – 2013-01-13T00:27:40.627



I am skeptical of the book based on the beginning of the review on Amazon:

In the half hour it took me to read Caughey's e-book

I've been reading and studying Bitcoin for months and I think I still have a lot to learn. It's hard for me to imagine that much could come from reading a book for 30 minutes.


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It's like 65 pages in print on letter size paper. There are a number of screen shots. This is why I'm only selling it for $3.99. The idea is that will save you time. take about an hour to read and get set up (minus downloading the initial block chain) and your good to go. I also give credit and links to many other resources about bitcoin. There is a lot of good information out there. – osok – 2013-01-14T13:18:37.733