Merkle Root for 1-transaction block!


I know that merkle hash for one transaction tx is:


In this block:

there is only one transaction, but the merkle root equals to transaction hash!!!

So, how merkle root can be calculated???

Sh Sh

Posted 2017-10-19T03:28:56.890

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4You've answered your own question. The Merkle root of for a single transaction is just the transaction hash, by definition. – Pieter Wuille – 2017-10-19T03:59:06.093



The merkle root of a block is the hash of all of the transactions. If there is one transaction, then the hash of all of the transactions is the hash of that one transaction. So the merkle root and the txid of the only transaction in a one transaction block will be the same.

Andrew Chow

Posted 2017-10-19T03:28:56.890

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