bitcoin.rpc python library problem



I am working through Master Bitcoin. I got the bitcoin client up and running. I am now trying to access the client from python. In the example, there is a line that says from bitcoin.rpc import Rawproxy.

I get the error message no module named rpc. When I run pip freeze, I have python-bitcoinrpc==1.0 listed. Why can't this module be found?


Posted 2017-09-25T01:36:17.310

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in debian =)

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

pip install python-bitcoinlib or pip3 install python-bitcoinlib

Guillermo Graña

Posted 2017-09-25T01:36:17.310

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Thank you. That worked. Can I ask how you knew this? there seems to be no association to the library name in import and what you install. I looked everywhere online trying to figure out the library. – user2242044 – 2017-09-25T19:57:51.600


bicoinlib is the module you try to use to handle bitcoind, bitcoin-cli in python, rpc module is part of bitcoinlib.

libssl-dev is needed to handle SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols .

if bitcoinlib not work in newer bitcoin core versions 0.15 or newer just use raw bitcoinrpc.authProxy module.

Guillermo Graña

Posted 2017-09-25T01:36:17.310

Reputation: 74