Bitcoin Wallet for Android/Windows with Full Control of BTC (keys)



I used to manage my bitcoin by using MultiBit for Windows. I had full control of them, without any involvement from a 3rd party.

But as a person i know wanted to get bitcoin and a Android wallet, i started to see if there was a MultiBit version for Android, just to realize MultiBit for Windows is discontinued.

I stumbled into Web Wallet difference but it's not exactly the question i am asking.

On Google Play the results aren't familiar at all and the Blockchain app asks for e-mail/etc and the BTC will be stored by them, and i want an app that give me full control of the btc/private keys.

So what apps can be used for Android/Windows that meet the criteria i am asking?


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There are a lot of wallets for Android & Windows in which you are on control your private keys. Here you can find a list recommended by Bitcoin Core.

Personally, I recommend Mycelium because is very complete.


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Yes. i recommended Mycelium and also installed myself, liking it very much- – Tiago – 2017-09-02T01:16:16.603