What site should I use to create a Bitcoin wallet?


I wanted to create Bitcoin wallet but I saw there are a lot of websites or software to create it. It's not like paypal. I am thinking to chose Blockchain. Is it good? How to check if it's legal in my country?


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I wouldn't recommend Jaxx wallet since, several weeks ago, it was found exploitable, giving an attacker the possibility to retrive your 12 words seed . Usually, you choose a service that gives you the full control and ownership of keys. Blockchain.info doesn't give you this option. Some service I would recommend are GreenAddress and Samurai Wallet.


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I am using Jaxx! I think it is good, because is platform agnostic and handle different digital currencies.



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Jaxx had security issues just weeks ago and they shrugged them off stating that they're satisfied with their security concept. See e.g.: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/users-report-losing-400000-due-to-jaxx-wallet-vulnerability/ I don't think they're a good recommendation at this time.

– Murch – 2017-07-02T14:20:30.577

Good to know. @Murch – m3_stackoverflow – 2017-07-02T16:20:49.617

@Murch what could be the best option, into the security perspective? – m3_stackoverflow – 2017-07-02T18:10:27.860

I prioritize security over features. I've used Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Wallet App and Mycelium in the past. I've heard good things about Electrum and GreenAddress. Unfortunately, I don't have experience with any multicoin wallets. – Murch – 2017-07-02T18:38:11.203