How can I create an eWallet in PHP?



My experience with PHP is not the best, but it's good enough to learn and expand. I wish to create a Bitcoin eWallet for my website where it automatically creates a Bitcoin wallet for users. This wallet will also do other stuff, such as generate a new Bitcoin wallet every 24 hours or so.

I read through the running bitcoin but didn't understand much of it. I know many websites such as Blackmarket Reloaded have what I need but my website is no way related to drugs or that stuff, I'm just using their eWallet and escrow as an example of what I need.

I checked out many websites that provide APIs like this (such as StrongCoin) but all their APIs and files are too old or deleted.

How can I go to making this come true? Any steps?

Moyle Jack

Posted 2012-11-21T07:24:16.587

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This Instawallet-like wallet might give some useful info:

– Stephen Gornick – 2012-11-24T22:37:29.140



1 - If you don't want to use third party systems, you will need a server to host bitcoind.

2 - Install Bitcoin-QT. In your data directory, create bitcoin.conf with the following attributes (you will need more if you are trying to connect to bitcoind from outside of localhost):


3 - Use the Bitcoin API to access any data you need. You will most likely need to use accounts in order to ensure proper money handling.

If you need further assistance, feel free to ask here, or contact me for more direct help at a reasonable price ;).


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