How to know a given file is a valid bitcoin wallet?



If I have many files on my hard drive (possibly with different names/extension), how can I test which file is a valid bitcoin wallet.dat ?

Maybe there is some string that exists in every bitcoin wallet ?

I guess I am asking about the format of the data inside the wallet. If wallets are different depending on the bitcoin client, then I want to know about bitcoin core.

Edit: I forgot to mention but these files WERE on a Linux OS. So there should be some solutions.


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On Linux, you can use the file command. If the file is a Bitcoin wallet, you should see

wallet.dat: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 9, native byte-order)

(It will always say Berkley DB version 9, but the filename might be different.)

file is also availible on Windows:

How does file tell that it's a Berkley DB file? See How did file identify this wallet file?

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Installing Linux just a sec... – marshal craft – 2017-05-28T04:04:28.660

@marshalcraft actually I am using a Linux computer, I forgot to mention, edited question now. – adrianTNT – 2017-05-29T00:05:47.687