Create Android Alt Coin Wallet


I am looking for base steps or general guidelines how to create lightweight android wallet for existing alt coin "X". So, lets start with simple questions:

  1. Do I need to run a node on the server
  2. Can I clone and configure existing open source android wallets. If yes - any help with this?

Would be happy to have any additional useful info as start point to create the wallet.


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Lightweight wallets use a simplified payment verification (SPV) mode which only requires them to download part of the blockchain so yes a full node is required,yes you can clone an existing opensource wallet but skills is required for that


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so, a) basically I should run my own node to query it from android app? b) what wallets example would be good to clone and configure to use as alt coin wallets? – Alex – 2017-02-01T09:17:17.263


i will use as example coinomi, coinomi is a multiple currency lightweight wallet if you check at source at from ine 130 - 217 you will see the supported currencies servers ip i suggest you to contact with coinomi in order to add your coin in their wallet else if you have skills play with the code

– roxy678 – 2017-02-01T10:08:25.920