How to run QBitNinja Server locally?



I have written a simple program that determines the available balance of a Bitcoin wallet, but it used the public API for QBitNinja at, and everything is working fine, but I wish to run the QBitNinja server locally on my PC. I have Bitcoin-QT / bitcoind installed and fully updated with the latest blockchain data, NBitcoin installed in my project, as well as the QBitNinja client libraries. However, try as I may, I cannot seem to figure out the steps needed to get the QBitNinja server running locally, connecting to bitcoind / Bitcoin-QT. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am running Windows 10 Pro, and IIS Server that comes with Windows 10.

Stephen MacDougall

Posted 2017-01-15T20:55:41.833

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No, it is not possible. QBitNinja is too tightly coupled with Azure, that means vendor-locked. See this issue for a recent attempt to decouple it.

Anatoli Babenia

Posted 2017-01-15T20:55:41.833

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