Receive Payments API problem



I am building a little online app to accept bitcoin payments in my website. I have a wallet and I am following their Receive Payments Api, which can be visited here:

The monetary part works great, but the HTTP Callback Notification does not take place and my online store is not notified of the payment. However, the TEST callback does work.

I think it is a problem on his application.

  • Has anyone implemented the "Receive Money API" successfully?
  • Is there any other alternative for received instant payment notifications? (To several different addresses)

A friend of mine reports the same issue. We need a little help :)



Posted 2012-10-13T15:51:39.690

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1Are you using generating addresses with the anonymous flag true or false? – None – 2012-10-14T18:01:06.893

Hi Ben :-) I am generating addresses with the anonymous flag to false. The "fire test callback" works great, but when I actually send bitcoins, the http notification is not sent. Any ideas? – flaab – 2012-10-14T19:44:03.147

So, if I send bitcoins to the forward address, the payment is sent to my real address successfully. But the notification is not set :-( – flaab – 2012-10-14T20:21:28.763

Hi Ben. Could you please help me out? I would really appreciate since I can't go beyond the documentation. Test callback works ok, bitcoins are forwarded to the real addres but the notification is not sent from your Java App. I am sure about this because I am logging all queries and have access to the apache2 access logs. – flaab – 2012-10-16T14:37:32.927

Perhaps you have a list of blacklisted servers? – flaab – 2012-10-16T17:03:50.677



It is working now! Issue closed. Great service provided by BlockChain.


Posted 2012-10-13T15:51:39.690

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2Well, can you tell us what was the problem and how did you solve it? – Mosh – 2012-10-19T18:48:37.950

1After I reported the issue via email/this post, solved it and now everything works fine. – flaab – 2012-10-22T10:35:27.100

Nice that it is working, but i have a problem to setup the callback, i want this service in virtuemart, can you please explain me how to do, i wil pay for it to get it working, anyone can help me? – None – 2012-10-28T18:25:40.133

Hi John. You have to set up a forward address in the "Developers" -> "Receive Payments API" section of By doing that, you provide them with an URL to be called every time a payment is received. Data arrives via $_GET. – flaab – 2012-10-31T07:58:40.327

Or examining any given address with the Block Explorer API. This is much easier if you can set up a cron job. – flaab – 2012-10-31T12:07:38.023

Hi. Just use this: Send an http request to the single address URI and parse the JSON your application receives.

– flaab – 2012-11-05T10:50:42.770