Can't run Bitcoin Core 0.13.1


I have been running Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 for many months - using Ubuntu (Linux). Decided to upgrade to SegWit version - 0.13.1 - today. Downloaded and extracted the files (on my Ubuntu / Linux system) but can't get it to run - there is no executable file. Can anyone help? Many thanks, D


Posted 2016-12-10T20:01:15.997

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the ppa for ubuntu is it shows the support of ubuntu 0.13.1

so you need to run

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
sudo apt-get update

enter image description here otherwise you can compile from source

Badr Bellaj

Posted 2016-12-10T20:01:15.997

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Many thanks - very grateful for the trouble you have gone to to reply. – user6542 – 2016-12-13T20:07:52.517

Have done all that - still no bitcoin client (if that is what it is called) - i.e. no bitcoin core wallet appears – user6542 – 2016-12-13T21:49:36.450

did you installed bitcoind and bitcoin-qt using sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt? the gui wallet is runned using bitcoin-qt – Badr Bellaj – 2016-12-13T21:57:21.053

That did the trick - many thanks - I really am most grateful for your help. By the way, can you recommend a book on Linux terminal commands for a beginner like me? – user6542 – 2016-12-14T08:44:23.477

I have accepted it - many thanks once again - you have been a great help. – user6542 – 2016-12-14T21:14:54.883