Easy way to accept bitcoin payments without external service


Is there a way to accept Bitcoin payments without running a full node or rely on an external service?

I'm thinking in some way to validate the transaction and then broadcast it to the network.


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If you're not running a Bitcoin client of some sort, or referencing a 3rd party (rely on an external service) then your usability will suffer.

For example you can create private keys and address pairs for receiving funds using a library, so you can accept payments just fine without a node or a 3rd party. The draw back is you don't have a way to monitor the blockchain, check for UTXOs, or push transactions.

If you're looking to do those things as well with as little 3rd party as possible, I'd suggest use a library to create addresses, and build transactions, and then line up a series of open API's that allow you to check the UTXO set, and push a signed transaction. If one fails, then hit the next one, and if that fails hit the next, etc. It's a little extra work, but you won't have to sign up with a service, you don't have to run a node, and you don't have to feel like you're relying on an API service since you'll have fall backs.

Here are some push tx endpoints:

Here are some APIs to get the UTXO of an address


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You can accept by having a QR code. Where the sender will broadcast the transaction on your behalf.


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but how do i check the payment has actually been done? – ntonnelier – 2016-11-28T12:49:51.997

1You could make this a better answer by explaining where the QR code comes from, and answering how to check that the transaction was broadcast. – Jestin – 2016-12-01T20:19:53.083

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