Testnet eWallet?



Is there any eWallet available that works on the TestNet? I want to test some payments and so forth and sometimes I want to have an access to an online wallet, so I don't need to hassle with installing Bitcoin on various machines.


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I have recently created a Faucet and an eWallet for the TestNet. It is very basic, but serves its purpose.


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Unfortunately, every time I try to create a TestNet wallet there and then request a tiny amount to it (0.27 BTC looks like at last load), I get an error that reads: "We are sorry, but an error has occurred.

API error 5 (urlfetch: DEADLINE_EXCEEDED)

Back to main page.

Server code created by ThePiachu." – Patrick – 2014-07-25T21:06:51.507

OK, seems to be working now. I tweeted @ThePiachu so maybe he fixed! One thing I noticed was that when the CAPTCHA was just the simple numbers on the side of a house (i.e., to use humans to improve Google Maps), the request did not work. However, once they were actual letters/words, they did. Could be entirely coincidental .. – Patrick – 2014-07-25T21:12:31.707


I built a dedicated testnet wallet during a weekend hackathon



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Andreas Schildbach's Bitcoin Wallet for Android comes in a second variant that uses testnet, so you can have it on your phone or tablet with no hassle.

Dan Hulme

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