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are there any p2p markets for different kinds of coins, like https://localbitcoins.com/ for bitcoins?

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Bitsquare.io is:

  1. Decentralized – there is no single point of failure.

  2. Safe – Bitsquare never holds your funds.

  3. Instantly accessible – no need for approval from a central authority.

  4. Private -no one except trading partners exchange personally identifying data.

  5. Open – every aspect of the project is transparent.

  6. Easy – we take usability seriously.

Many altcoins are supported: https://bitsquare.io/faq/#altcoins

Here you can see the list of the currently supported altcoins:

“ETH”, “Ethereum” “DAO”, “DAO” “LTC”, “Litecoin” “XMR”, “Monero” “NMC”, “Namecoin” “DASH”, “Dash” “SDC”, “ShadowCash” “NBT”, “NuBits” “NSR”, “NuShares” “PPC”, “Peercoin” “XPM”, “Primecoin” “FAIR”, “FairCoin” “SC”, “Siacoin” “SJCX”, “StorjcoinX” “GEMZ”, “Gemz” “DOGE”, “Dogecoin” “MKR”, “Maker” “BLK”, “Blackcoin” “FCT”, “Factom” “NXT”, “Nxt” “STEEM”, “STEEM” “BTS”, “BitShares” “XCP”, “Counterparty” “XRP”, “Ripple” “XEM”, “NEM” “ANTI”, “Anti.cash” “VPN”, “VPNCoin” “MAID”, “MaidSafeCoin” “YBC”, “YbCoin” “CLOAK”, “CloakCoin” “EGC”, “EverGreenCoin” “VRC”, “VeriCoin” “ESP”, “Espers” “XVG”, “Verge” “MYR”, “Myriadcoin” “MXT”, “MarteXcoin” “GRS”, “Groestlcoin” “IOC”, “I/O Coin” “SIB”, “Sibcoin” “CRBIT”, “Creditbit” “BIGUP”, “BigUp” “XPTX”, “PlatinumBar” “JBS”, “Jumbucks” “PINK”, “Pinkcoin” “OK”, “OKCash” “GRC”, “Gridcoin” “MOIN”, “Moin” “SLR”, “SolarCoin” “SHIFT”, “Shift” “ERC”, “Europecoin” “POST”, “PostCoin”

FOSS wins

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Thanks alot for link, but "If you’re interested in helping make Bitsquare a reality, there are many ways to contribute.". Doesn't look like something production ready.

May be any other options? – alex – 2016-06-22T08:18:45.670

@alex It is production ready and already being used! https://www.reddit.com/r/moneromarkets/comments/4l8wy1/bitsquare_trade_request/ More liquidity will come in time. No other P2P exchange offers nearly as many altcoins. Here is one more option: http://dogecoindark.net/i2pexchange/

– Yao Choa – 2016-06-22T08:57:41.503

@YaoChoa ok, got it. Thank you for response, but may be there are any options? I don't say Bitsquare is bad, I just need list to choose from. – alex – 2016-06-23T01:38:16.367


@alex there are specific P2P exchanges for a few alts such as LTC and XMR: https://www.litecoinlocal.net/ https://www.moneroclub.com/ Some sellers on Mycelium and LocalBitcoins also will sell alts such as ETH

– tryinghard – 2016-06-23T18:56:48.947