Historical Bitcoin full node counts



Is there an online record of historical Bitcoin node counts? If so:

  • When did the record keeping begin?
  • Are IP addresses available?
  • Did Satoshi and most early adopters run Bitcoin nodes over Tor or were their real IP addresses revealed to other Bitcoin nodes?

K Chan

Posted 2016-06-20T00:01:44.023

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  1. Everyone that ran a node has/had the ability to record lists of other Bitcoin nodes and their IP address with a "getaddr" request (assuming they allowed incoming connections). I am not aware of a centralized online database of these records dating back more than 1 year: https://bitnodes.21.co/dashboard/?days=365
  2. Yes: https://bitnodes.21.co/nodes/
  3. Some early adopters used real IP addresses and others (including Satoshi) obscured their IPs with Tor, VPNs, or other means.

Hans Meyer

Posted 2016-06-20T00:01:44.023

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