Encouraging virtual exchange and independance from hard money?



With all the talk of economic sustainability and the dangers of infinite growth how do you think a virtual currency could be used to encourage the trade of virtual goods ? Or possibly a more efficient use of natural resources.

James P.

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1I think this is more a topic for an essay, rather than a question answerable on a StackExchange. – ThePiachu – 2012-08-24T01:18:52.147

It's not unusual that answers on StackExchange grow out to an essay, albeit Quora is even better at that :P Feel free I'd say! – Steven Roose – 2012-08-24T08:57:20.627

I can reformulate to something more precise if you wish. Suggestions are welcome. – James P. – 2012-08-24T14:04:04.670

It won't be long before D.H. closes this question. I can bet on that! – Tomas – 2012-08-27T00:58:48.190

Suggestions are welcome ? – James P. – 2012-08-27T02:26:28.580

I'm not sure I quite understand the question. What are the dangers of infinite growth? – Kinnard Hockenhull – 2012-12-31T04:44:16.337

1Hi James, the bitcoin stackexchange is really designed for the types of questions where one answer can be clearly labelled "right". Since this sounds more like an open-ended, everybody-give-your-opinion question, it's not really a good fit for this site and will probably be closed. – eMansipater – 2013-02-08T18:41:42.663

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