How to update my RaspNode? no GUI only CLI



I would like to know the best way to update my RaspNode (rPi 2 B+) to the 0.12.1 bitcoind version.

I did

sudo apt-get install bitcoind

I also did this:

Erased /bin/bitcoin folder

then into /bin/

git clone
./configure --enable-upnp-default --disable-wallet
make -j2

but it's still the same version 0.11.2


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You should uninstall the installed version first completely with sudo apt-get remove bitcoind before manually building the binaries from source. Make sure that you backup your wallet (and eventually Blockchain) first (so Keep your data-directory).

Don't run the build in teh bin folder! The sudo make install command will install more than just the binary on your machine! Use e.g. /home/git/bitcoin/ to clone the repository and run your configure and make commands there.

Then instlall bitcoin like described on github. after your make -j2 command you should run sudo make install to install bitcoind on your computer. (Binaries are intalled under /usr/local/bin/).

I have installed it on my raspberry Pi a week ago. Works fine :-)

Blockchain-sync lasts almost forever ....

If didn't use the --disable-wallet flag. You could use the wallet with bitcoin-cli


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