Receive Payment callback problem


I am setting up a website to accept bitcoins using API, it's all set, code is ok, tested and working, I receive payments and everything but just won't call the callback url. Since my websites traffic is going through cloudflare, I thought at first disabling firewall and few other security measurements would fix this but still not calling the callback..



I just noticed that I had not adjusted firewall for callback file properly which blocked access, tested this on some other site and it's working, thanks everyone for trying to help.


Posted 2015-12-29T19:55:44.437

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anybody has any idea ?? – bitcxz – 2015-12-30T01:41:36.260

Although there are people on here that sometimes answer questions, this site is not related to them. You're probably better off contacting their helpdesk/forum/whatever they have. – Jannes – 2015-12-30T09:12:28.567

@bitcxz I'll take a look – Wizard Of Ozzie – 2015-12-30T14:54:03.490

@bitcxz What does the callback form say?

– Wizard Of Ozzie – 2015-12-30T15:37:58.957

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