Where is the source code that allows new coins to be generated?


As per Bitcoin documentation, new coins are generated and brought into circulation when miner receive the reward. I am not talking about existing coins that are collected at the time of mining.

Can somebody guide me, where exactly this generation of new coins takes place?

Vinay Chitale

Posted 2015-12-23T04:30:16.500

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You are looking for the method CAmount GetBlockSubsidy(int nHeight, const Consensus::Params& consensusParams) in main.cpp.

CAmount GetBlockSubsidy(int nHeight, const Consensus::Params& consensusParams)
    int halvings = nHeight / consensusParams.nSubsidyHalvingInterval;
    // Force block reward to zero when right shift is undefined.
    if (halvings >= 64)
        return 0;

    CAmount nSubsidy = 50 * COIN;
    // Subsidy is cut in half every 210,000 blocks which will occur approximately every 4 years.
    nSubsidy >>= halvings;
    return nSubsidy;

Further explanation:
nHeight is the number of blocks that have been found.
consensusParams.nSubsidyHalvingInterval are 210000 blocks, the interval of the halvings
COIN is 10^8, the number of satoshi in one bitcoin
nSubsidy finally gives the number of satoshi that the coinbase may create


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Hi, Thanks for the answer and explanation. Is this code also holds true for bitshares code ? Does new bitshares version support new coin generation ?

I have old code of bitshares V 0.4.20, and I could not find above function in the code.

Thanks and Regards – Vinay Chitale – 2015-12-23T13:37:14.273

You could look for GetBlockValue instead, it used to be named that. To be honest, I don't even know if Bitshares is based on Bitcoin or a separate development. – Murch – 2015-12-23T14:06:30.393