Butterfly Labs Little Single No Devices Found


When I am trying to mine with my new butterfly labs little single BFGminer says that it cannot detect any devices. I try and add devices, and it doesn't work. I know that it is getting power, because my OS will recognize that the miner has been plugged into the computer. I have tried now on both linux and windows with no luck getting it to recognize it. Any ideas?

Nick P

Posted 2015-09-20T05:31:51.850

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Did you compile it with support for BFL miners? They are obsolete at this point so there's a very good chance they aren't enabled by default, if so the section "How do I get my BFL/Icarus/Lancelot/Cairnsmore device to auto-recognise?" in the bfgminer readme might be educational.

– Anonymous – 2015-09-20T11:15:47.963

OK, I looked at the readme and saw that I need to install the driver. However, it didn't list the command for getting the BFL little single driver. I assume that it is the same, I just need the details of the command. – Nick P – 2015-09-20T20:07:39.347

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