Are there any Python modules that decode raw transaction data?



I'm currently doing RPC calls to bitcoin-cli within python to get raw block data:

bitcoin-cli getblock BLOCKHASH False

I've already written a function that cuts off the block header and splits the transaction block into individual transactions, resulting in the same result as:

bitcoin-cli getrawblock TXID

I'm now trying to convert this data into the same result as

bitcoin-cli getrawblock TXID 1

without doing another RPC call to bitcoind. Would prefer to use pre-existing modules if possible.

Python packages would be appreciated.


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Yes, Pybitcointools (or this fork which has BIP39, file embedding and mk_opreturn) can do this.

Install either version of pybitcointools using install, as usual.

Then, with a raw hex transaction, rawtx, simply use txo = deserialize(rawtx). rawtx can be either a signed or unsigned hex transaction. The returned txo is deserialized as a dict object. Use serialize(txo) to get back to rawtx.

You can fetch TxIDs using fetchtx(hex_txid, source="blockr") and send signed Txs with pushtx(signed_hex_tx, source="bci").

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