How do I get the originating address using's recieving API?


I'm using the

I have everything working fine but when I made a payment I can't find (in the callback) the bitcoin address of the payer, only the address of the payee...

callback example:


How can I find out the payers address? Thanks


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You can't, unfortunately. You have to ask them to give you a separate refund-address. – morsecoder – 2015-05-11T14:32:47.720



You can use's API to look this up, specifically you're looking for the inputs of the "input_transaction_hash" tx:



Please be aware that actually using the "from" addresses (there are often multiple) for any purpose is dangerous and strongly discouraged, please see Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed from the receiving end? for more details.

If you have a need to collect a return address for some purpose, you should consider using BIPs-70/71/72 instead.

Christopher Gurnee

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