How do I generate a bootstrap file on Ubuntu?



I would like to generate a Bitcoin and Dogecoin (qt) bootstrap file on my ubuntu machine. Is there any way to do this? I know it's possible with Windows but I'm on Ubuntu. Thanks.


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possible duplicate: Creating my own bootstrap.dat?

– Murch – 2015-05-12T08:17:22.480



Find your local blockchain:

cd ~/.bitcoin/blocks

Or, to bootstrap testnet, find your local testnet blockchain:

cd ~/.bitcoin/testnet3/blocks

Concatenate all your blkxxxxx.dat files and place the result in bootstrap.dat:

cat blk* > bootstrap.dat

Warning: Using tar -cf (as instructed by this answer) did not work for me. I'm importing from bitcoind into btcd.


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It should be as easy as

cd /home/USER/.bitcoin/blocks

tar -cf bootstrap.dat blk*

For dogecoin just change the directory to match


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Pretty sure that just creates a tarfile with the blk files in it. – Nick ODell – 2014-12-16T00:38:57.530

ya bitcoind seems to recognize that format just fine. might not be a true bootstrap but i have used it successfully on older bitcoin clones. Might not work the same these days. Ill test tonight and update my post as needed – Mullick – 2014-12-21T04:15:38.853

@Mullick: Were you able to confirm your solution? – Murch – 2015-05-12T08:18:11.570